Monday, December 8, 2014

Welcome To The Depths of My Mind

I thought I would start off my blog explaining why I created the blog. Many might find me insane and many might relate to the things that happen inside my head. I go through so many thoughts on a daily basis. So many I have decided to write them down. I am a writer and I write many books and in these books I input some of the things that happen in my head but many times I can never give the full effect because I don't want to make the story about myself. My thoughts have gotten more extreme lately my blog will have a lot of scary things that many people would think I thought about but please I need everyone to understand I'm not insane. Just simply an imaginative person. Many of the thoughts I may post I do not need anyone to worry or question. I realize what I am saying and what is going but I do this to help myself. I will post things from funny moments to questionable moments to suicidal thoughts to things about another world. These things are the depths of my mind and I am finally ready to open my mind to the world. I hope by writing this blog I am able to help someone in the same situation as myself. May be one day I can say I saved a life. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my blog.

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