Friday, December 12, 2014

Today Was The Worst Day

Today was the worst day of my life. I had started off optimistic and then it slowly went down hill. First I almost failed a project with a class I'm almost about to fail. Then I had a major panic attack in my fourth hour. I had been shaky all day and I hadn't eaten at lunch because I was too busy with my project for my class. I just plain freaked out in the middle and class and ran to the bathroom texting my friend Juliette to help me. Luckily she came at the perfect time right when I had just broke down. I couldn't fully understand why I had a panic attack but it was major and all I cared about was calming down. After I had calmed down Juliette asked me if I had eaten and I told her I hadn't. So after class she gave me some cashews to help me feel better.

After that I had finally started to look up and feel better but then when I got into my dad's car the second I got in I was screamed at and braided for things I didn't do. I ended up getting into a huge fight with my dad and walking to my house completely pissed off. Then I find out my friend Jenna had been staying at Crystal's house all week and I didn't even have any clue about it. I felt totally and utterly terrible. Then an hour passed of trying to calm down and I got a phone call. From the only woman I've ever loved. Maia. I have been in love with her for almost a year now and recently we hadn't been talking because we had both been so busy and I was starting to get over her. At least I thought I was. It was a bad relationship and I needed to get over her. But she called me to inform me Crystal had told her about how two months ago at Jenna's surprise birthday party I had showed them some messages between the two of us.

Now I know I was in the wrong for showing them private messages but they were my friends and I was just a happy girlfriend that wanted to show off her girlfriend. I trusted them in not telling Maia but sadly that trust was broken. Maia called me and basically ripped out my heart. She told me that I had broken anything we had and that actually whatever I thought we had we probably didn't have and that nothing was ever going to come out of it. She told me she didn't even want to look at me anymore and that we were done. I fell down my wall after she hung up not even letting me speak. I cried my eyes out wanting Jenna to help me but she didn't so I called Amanda. I am beyond thankful for my friendship with Amanda. She is my savior.

Just a couple hours ago Jenna finally called me. We fought. We screamed at each other. we got really mad. We told each other off. We contemplated stopping being friends with each other. Then a switch happened. I didn't even notice it had turned midnight. A new day. We cried. We apologized. We talked and told each other everything that had been going on. We fixed our friendship. All because the worst day of my life was over.

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